Google results page for "how to conserve nature"
Anatomy of an SERP (Google) Google results page for "how to conserve nature"

Content First

The bottom line is that if you have uniquely valuable content that clearly answers questions that people are asking, the page is more likely to surface on the first page of Google results. 



Parts of a Google Search Result

Other Ranking Factors

Mobile-First Indexing

Google switched their index from desktop-first to mobile-first. That means that our site needs to be mult-device ready. 

Fortunately TNC is a responsive site, which means the same content is shown to all visitors – it’s simply resized or moved in response to the size of the screen. Unlike some websites, we do not have a separate mobile site. 

It also means that any improvements to our site benefit our mobile experience, which could improve our ranking on the mobile-first index.


FAQ page example
Page Title and Google Results FAQ page example

Behind the Scenes Metadata 

In page properties for AEM pages, SEO has a separate tab in page properties. This is where we enter information specifically for search engines. 




Title Tag: 

  • Is a very important ranking factor
  • Describes what the page is about
  • Is also the title of the page
  • Shoudl be 50-60 characters
  • Must be eye catching and enticing 
  • Must include branding (TNC)     


  • Can help the page rank if the search term is included in the URL
  • It it's too long, search engines will truncate (...) it
Preserve Page Example
Meta Description and Google Results Preserve Page Example

Meta Description: 

  • Not a ranking factor - only for people
  • Google may rewrite it
  • 150-160 characters
  • Needs to convince people to click