How to Request New & Updated Web Content

Find out about content production requirements, processes and support at The Nature Conservancy.

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A note on production timelines: Content requests that conform with TNC content governance and strategy may be executed in as little as two weeks. However, most proposals will require between 2-6 weeks. Please submit proposals as soon as you recognize a potential need, as Global Digital can no longer fulfill urgent requests. 

Anyone at The Nature Conservancy can request updates to the organization’s web channels, but all of those requests are subject to careful review by TNC’s digital team. This centralized workflow supports goal alignment, quality control and general site health—the kind of stuff that ensures visitors find what they need, and perhaps stick around to learn more about our mission.

Not a marketer or digital content producer? No problem. Submit a request for new content or updated content through the digital requests portal as soon as you recognize a potential need, and the web team will be glad to help you determine how to proceed. 

AEM author or marketer? We’re excited to collaborate with you on our shared project, nature.org. All marketers should, of course, be generally aware of site goals and procedures. Authors and publishers are also expected to be ambassadors of digital best practices and stay abreast of site updates. So, before you request new content or updates to TNC’s flagship website, please consult the following resources to help ensure changes to the site contribute to cohesive web strategy, champion our values and inspire TNC audiences. 

Once you've determined that your proposal aligns with site goals, learn how to proceed below. A request does not guarantee web content publication.

How to request a new webpage: 

Each new page requires 1-2 preliminary steps: clarifying objectives to determine the level of digital support needed and, if necessary, submitting a content brief. Read on for more details.

1. Determine whether you need to submit a digital request by clarifying your message, audience and goals.

2. If requesting a new article, campaign or landing page, submit a content brief. 

As soon as you suspect you might need a new article, campaign or landing page, open a digital request for a new content. These page types must demonstrate long-term value, measured according to their compliance with TNC's principles of content governance and overall content strategy. Publishers will respond to new proposals within a week—usually with questions, concerns or suggestions. See the flowchart and FAQ below for more details.

(Estimated processing: 2-6 weeks)


Content Workflow Review

New article, Campaign, Places We Protect Page

Content Workflow Review Chart

Content Briefs for Web Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make significant edits to a page:

When the purpose, layout or content of a page needs to shift, it's important to submit a content brief. Publishers will ensure strategic digital concerns—such as SEO, messaging alignment and UX design—are up to date. See content brief submission notes above for more details.

How to make light edits to a page:

Authors do not need to submit a content brief before making light edits to a page. But what constitutes "light?" Essentially, if an update is aligned with the purpose and approach approved by your publisher in the content brief process, you're probably safe to proceed independently. If it's been more than a year since your last page update, however, it's probably time to check in with your publisher on page performance and site alignment—see content brief submission notes above for more details. 

Consult these instructions to make sure you follow the correct steps to put an item into workflow in AEM.

Estimated Production Timelines

  • Standard Approval Process

    For AEM authors:

    Authors may create pages for new events, preserves and press releases in AEM at their discretion. Once submitted via basic publishing workflow, most pages are reviewed within two business days. Factor in time to review publisher edits and resubmit if necessary.

    Refer to the section on new article, landing and campaign pages above for more information on the approval process for these unique types.

    Other Marketing and Non-Marketing Staff:

    For marketing and non-marketing staff who need support building or updating a page, timelines will vary according to the web team's capacity and GMAC priorities. Submit digital requests early—the following timelines should be considered estimates:

    • New press release, event or biography page (minimum 5 business days)
    • New article, landing, campaign or preserve page (minimum 4-6 weeks)
    • Light page updates (2-5 business days)
  • Urgent Approvals (Faster than Standard, During Business Hours)

    For AEM authors:

    Submit updated page in AEM with a note explaining your timeframe. Then, email kay.dakin@tnc.org and clemente.santiago@tnc.org with “AEM Approval” in the subject line. Include the page link or title or both.

    Other marketing and non-marketing staff:

    Open a digital request for edits to existing content or new content with a note explaining your timeframe. Then, email kay.dakin@tnc.org and clemente.santiago@tnc.org with “AEM Approval” in the subject line. Include the page link or title or both.

  • Emergency Approvals Outside Business Hours


    For AEM authors:

    • Submit updated page in AEM with a note requesting publication off-hours/ASAP. Then, email kay.dakin@tnc.org, clemente.santiago@tnc.org, courtney.baxter@tnc.org and lindsay.mineo@tnc.org with “AEM Approval” in the subject line. Include the page link or title or both.
    • Including all publishers is essential because we’re in different time zones and have different schedules, so notifying all of us increases your chances that someone will see your request.
    • WAIT. If we don’t approve in 30 minutes (or longer if you can wait longer), email globaldigital@tnc.org with ”Emergency AEM Approval” in the subject line. Include the page link or title or both.

    Other marketing and non-marketing staff:

    • Email kay.dakin@tnc.org, clemente.santiago@tnc.org and lindsay.mineo@tnc.org with “AEM Approval” in the subject line. Tell us what kind of web update you need (e.g. new media release or page update), the reason for urgency and the potential consequences of holding until work hours. 
    • WAIT. If you don't hear from anyone within 30 minutes (or longer if you can wait longer), forward your email to globaldigital@tnc.org with ”Emergency AEM Approval” in the subject line.

Meet the Web Content Team

A subset of the Global Digital team is responsible for all aspects of web governance oversight—from the development and maintenance of site infrastructure, to setting the standards for content and editorial alignment.

  • Kay Dakin, Digital Editorial Manager

    By working to improve transparency and collaboration around content governance, Kay supports brand consistency across the site. She currently manages the intake of new content proposals, as well as AEM workflow submissions by U.S. authors. kay.dakin@tnc.org

  • Lindsay Mineo, Digital Content & SEO Manager

    Specializing in SEO, Lindsay leads data-driven approaches that broaden the reach of TNC content. She advises on effective URLs, headlines, metadata and accessibility, supporting the assessment of new content proposals and production in North America. lindsay.mineo@tnc.org

  • Courtney Baxter, Digital Production Manager

    Courtney is one of two Digital Production Managers on the team. She provides support for everything from content and messaging recommendations to full page production needs. Additionally, she supports online event registration and email production. courtney.baxter@tnc.org

  • Sarah Peng, Digital Designer

    Site optimization and digital experience design consultation are some of the core services Sarah offers. She manages the designs of the AEM components and drives for enhancements that meet both user and business needs across nature.org. sarah.peng@tnc.org