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TNC’s Centralized Email Program is managed by the Global Digital team and includes the Nature News newsletter (formerly Great Places newsletter).

Centralized Email Program

  • Global Digital coordinates supporter emails to ensure that TNC is sending the right message to the right supporter at the right time—no matter where the messaging need comes from within the organization. 


    To learn more, please read our:



    Other Reasons:

    •       Ensure consistent branding & messaging
    •       Return on Investment (ROI)
    •       Leverage test results & learning to make channel more effective
    •       Can-Spam and SOP compliance
    •       And many more…

  • If a supporter (donor & non-donor) is in BBCRM, email communications to them should be going through the centralized system, managed by the Global Digital Team. 


    A few exceptions to the rule:

    •       Outlook (lists under 100 & you specifically know each person)
    •       MailChimp (managed donors, coalitions, trustees, young professionals)

  • Submit an email request through our Marketing Request Portal here.

Email Resources

  • image of a computer on a world map with yellow envelopes flowing out all over the map

    Email Writing Best Practices Guide

    Guide to writing engaging marketing emails with tips on good technique, a checklist, and a review of a real email. Email Guide CONNECT Link

  • Image by rawpixel from Pixabay. CCO license.

    Centralized Email Program Guidelines

    Email requirements for the Centralized Email Program. CEP Guidelines

  • Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay. CCO license.

    Email SOP

    This SOP establishes the requirements for collecting, handling and sending email to TNC supporters, volunteers, advocates, donors or potential donors so as to ensure compliance with TNC’s privacy policy and with applicable laws and regulations. Email SOP CONNECT link

Digital Resources

Head over to our Resources page to learn more about our different digital channels.