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Creating best-in-class digital solutions that derive audience insights, inspire deeper engagement, and convert supporters.

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The Global Digital team has developed a set of “Baseline Tactics” that outline the minimum level of support all business units can expect from Global Digital. The goals of developing and sharing these tactics are:

  • Equitable distribution of support across all business units; and
  • Clarity on when and why requests may not possible due to resource constraints

We will continue to provide ad hoc support for additional requests not listed below, but also acknowledge that these requests may require additional resources and based on current team bandwidth, support may not be feasible.

​View Global Digital's Baseline Tactics

The Global Digital Team is dedicated to sharing our expertise with all of you. Visit the Global Digital University landing page for upcoming courses, recordings, and course pages. 

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Global Digital Team Guiding Principles


We align our goals with Marketing ’s vision to direct the balance between digital priorities and stakeholder requests.


We prioritize attention to detail, quality assurance, and rigorous testing to ensure the delivery of high quality products.


We plan and create online experiences with the audience and user journey top of mind.


We push the boundaries of Global Digital by creating new, innovative ways to engage with users online.


We deliver digital solutions that scale to support broader teams within Marketing and TNC.


TNC Content Strategy

Content & Promotions 

The role of Content & Promotions is to share and elevate engaging, authentic, dynamic content that tells our story as well as to share best practices across the organization.

What We Do

We are responsible for the flagship digital channels at TNC: and global social media accounts. We work to curate and calendar well-told stories around the organization to increase engagement with our fans, followers, and visitors. We strive to improve the quality of content through guidelines, learnings, and report-sharing, as well as to create an environment of testing and innovation with content and promotions. We manage the editorial calendar for all teams’ content so that we can plan for the promotions around large campaigns, and we manage existing content to ensure its alignment with the future digital content strategy.

How We Do It 

A data-driven approach to storytelling in Digital & Social Media defined by goals, objectives and audiences first – and destination/distribution last.



Read more about our content and editorial strategy by visiting our digital channel pages.

User Experience

The role of UX is to align solutions with the needs of our audience, to deepen engagement and ultimately further business objectives.

What We Do 

We partner with teams to research their audience, and define opportunities for TNC to meaningfully engage along their digital journey. We help to design and test solutions (e.g., digital campaigns) to meet audience needs, whether it’s exploring new concepts or iteratively improving existing experiences. We also seek to share insights across teams at TNC, to create a more holistic user experience.

How We Do It

The UX process helps us create useful and usable experiences by focusing on the needs of our audience.


What to measure to determine success with analytics.
Success Wheel What to measure to determine success with analytics.

Analytics - Now part of the Marketing Ops Team! 

The role of Analytics is to leverage data to inform business decisions that further Marketing ’s objectives.

What We Do

We track and provide digital data analysis at an enterprise level. The analytics team monitors trends in digital behavior and ensures that we’re using a best in class approach for digital data collection, analysis, and segmentation. We partner with individual operating units to help set and capture the right metrics to deliver visibility on ROI. We monitor external business factors and nurture the organizational environment in order to encourage innovative ideas and initiatives.

How We Do It

There is a lot we can measure. Moving beyond reporting on a bunch of numbers towards savvy analysis means finding ways to help you reduce all the noice to focus on what really matters. We do this by applying the Marketing-wide measurement framework built around Reach, Engagement and Loyalty, and ensuring that every optimization activity, campaign, channel, etc. is viewed through this performance lens.

Strategize, build, execute, measure, share, repeat.
Global Digital Strategy Chart Strategize, build, execute, measure, share, repeat.

Marketing Technology

The role of Marketing Technology is to support the business objectives of marketing by implementing, enhancing and maintaining core marketing technologies and analytics.

What We Do

We build, maintain and enhance our core marketing systems and their associated owned web properties. The vision of our Digital Roadmap is that by 2023, digital will support the TNC mission and business priorities by creating purposeful connections that derive actionable audience insights, inspire deeper engagement (in advancing business goals) and convert supporters through intentional experiences and the enabling of operational conditions for success.

How We Do It 

We take cutting edge digital technologies and make them work for you.

  1. Define Requirements: We take the ingredients that UX, Content and Analytics strategize and partner in a discovery effort around what’s feasible.
  2. Build: Prototypes, tests and pilots are often the first wave of our build process allowing us to stay nimble while in discovery mode. Results show what’s working. Let’s put it in place. We work to add it to the system in a flexible, scalable, enterprise way.
  3. Execute: It’s out the door but we help manage execution and delivery as we transition through phases of a campaign’s promotion and ensure everything is running smoothly.
  4. Scale: The foundation is built, the results are in. How about 2.0? We take the solution and use the data and results offered to evolve it, scale it and replicate so that we can share what works across the org.

Digital Review Committee

The Digital Review Committee is an inter-departmental committee chaired by Peter Warski on the Digital Systems Team. The DRC is a critical tool that we use to ensure the quality and consistency of TNC digital presences.

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